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Concrete Additives & Accessories Concrete Additives & Accessories
Southern Fiber
Fibre reinforced concrete
Plastic Bar Chairs
Plastic reinforcing supports
Heat Insulation
For the Building's Structural components
Sound Insulation
For Stairwells
Precast Lifting, Formwork and Equipment Formwork, Decorative Moulds and Equipment
Lifting Technology
For lifting by the face or edge of
precast elements
Multiform Rail
Precast / Tilt-up formwork, Beams, Stack cast, Double 'T' false floors
For precast formwork


For precast concrete lifting technology we have an excellent range of standard lifting equipment. Our swift foot anchor range has been designed so that they will handle all lifting arrangements more safely. The edge lifting anchors also match existing systems so that users can be confident that compatibility is not an issue. We have ensured all clutches for both systems work smoothly and safely, as well as matching standard industry clutches held either in the precast factory or on site. Alongside these two systems we have a full range recess formers, ferrules, grout sleeves and inserts for NZ threaded reinforcing bar and much more.

The Multiform Rail Formwork system is for sale or hire and is suitable for any precast or tilt-up work and most beneficial where more than one panel thickness is expected in the future. It provides professional outcomes and greatly improves on existing concrete boxing or shuttering methods. Formwork companies, precast factories, beam formwork and tilt up manufacturers will see the advantages of this robust and quick system. We also supply magnets in a range of strengths to suit the precast factory environments of your existing formwork or our formwork.

Where you want more durable concrete for residential or industrial applications Southern Fiber must always be considered. Whether your doing polished concrete or you want a coloured concrete to match your house or pool, you will find Southern Fiber the most suitable fibre available. It is primarily a reinforcing and conditioning additive for your concrete. Its unique characteristic of remaining hidden even in the most demanding environments makes it suitable for all fibre cement concrete projects. It is the best additive for coloured concrete, polished concrete or exposed aggregate concrete. Even plain white reinforced concretes benefit through the fibres concrete curing ability which includes hardening the surface, reducing shrinkage and quick drying problems, and also makes the concrete less permeable.

Formwork, Fibre, rebar spacers, Insulation in NZ & Auckland

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