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Buckeye UltraFiber500

A roading example of Buckeye's Cellulose Polymer Fiber


2005 World of Concrete's Most Innovative Product

Buckeye Technologies has been an innovator in the concrete industry with their unique cellulose polymer Ultrafiber500. Multiform recognised the good engineering in this product as it could be used safely in a variety of applications. We saw Buckeye as a quality supplier and became their distributor for NZ and Australia from the first beginnings of the product. We still have a good relationship with them and are protective of the Buckeye name which we associate with quality.

Over the years we visited and were in constant contact even representing them on their stand in Las Vegas at the World of Concrete, and still remain in contact when needed. Our engineering staff have collaborated with them and we have found them receptive to new ideas and requests. Our market penetration has grown and Buckeye Technologies made product regularly for us on a 3-4 month cycle, with quality never an issue.

However since September 2014 there was a fundamental change in the company and the products characteristics that deserved our attention and has caused us to raise a warning. This product is no longer available and has been replaced with Southern Fiber.

Contact our Engineering service team for free advice.

If you wanted to order and use Buckeye Ultrafiber500 we recommend that users contact us for all jobs.

Otherwise limit any use of Buckeye Ultrafiber500 in NZ & Australia to :
Non load bearing concrete Concrete pots

For all proposed concrete applications please contact us before using any Buckeye Ultrafiber500.

For the recommended cellulose fiber for your job see Southern Fiber.

To be taken to Southern Fiber - press Manual


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