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Heat Insulation

Heat Insulation
Heat Insulation
Don't compromise thermal integrity stop heat moving in or out of the building. Heat gain results in more cooling energy used or damp walls and mould formation in cold climates. This problem (known as the Thermal Bridging effect) occurs particularly at the joints of cantilever structural elements such as balconies.
  • Schöck Isokorb is an effective countermeasure.
  • A multi tasking element which is an integral part of the structure and at the same time thermally insulates components from each other
  • Now possible to include heat-insulated load-bearing elements at the planning stage
  • High performance, low energy consumption, no structural damage due to damp
  • No overhanging thrust bearing block. Less tensile bars needed to provide the same load bearing capacity
  • User friendly- "one man" fixing operation
  • Sure and safe at both the planning and application stage
  • New generation of compression module made of micro-stainless steel-fibre reinforced concrete for increased heat insulation
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity
Heat Insulation