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Sound Insulation

At last a way to bring Peace and Quiet home to stay
Sound Insulation
Sound Insulation
The subject of noise reduction in stairways is becoming more and more important to construction specialists and owner / occupiers. With Schock Tronsole, everybody can sleep easy: apartment owners, tenants / lessees, architects and builders. Protection against noise is not a luxury option, it is, and should be, standard practise in modern construction.
  • Impact noise is carried throughout the building by the resonance in floors and walls.
  • The noise suppression capability of Schock Tronsole has been proven to reduce echo resonance by 12dB
  • Used with the Schöck joint sheets to ensure sound free connections
  • The Schöck Tronsole allows variability in stair sizes and freedom in your design
  • Built to take high shear forces
  • 90 minute Fire protection classification for assembly

For those of you that suspect more than footstep noises or muffled voices we have identified a site that expands understanding of other sources of offending sound noise.

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If that is not what is concerning you just come back to Multiform Systems for us to help in practical ways in your new or proposed building.