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Southern Fiber

The secret behind stronger, more durable, beautiful concrete.


Finally the best fibre for...

Polished Concrete Commercial Slabs Driveways
Residential Garages Patios Exposed Stone
Coloured Concrete And much more . . .

  • Affordable.
  • For all concrete.
  • 1.5 billion fibres per cubic metre.
  • Stronger concrete from reinforcing and more complete cement hydration.
  • Unseen on the surface - perfect for decorative and exposed stone work.
  • Uniquely holds and enhances colour - more consistent, richer appearance.
  • Superior finishing and improved timing for concrete placers.
  • Reduction in permeability.
  • Dispersible in water for easy mixing.


    Unseen on the surface in polished concrete. No blemishes.

    A polished concrete floor can be a real feature and asset to your home or commercial building. For the best result, you want to reinforce it for longevity, reduce cracking, give the concrete more lustre and hold any colour added.
    Southern Fiber does all this and more. Southern Fiber is also unseen on the surface meaning you can polish without blemishes.
    Southern Fiber is very affordable! The cost of Southern Fiber is insignificant compared to overall concrete costs. Southern Fiber will always improve the outcome of your concrete.


    Southern Fiber is second to none!

    A driveway is often the first thing people see. Ensure you give a quality first impression. Southern Fiber strengthens concrete, increases impact and abrasion resistance and effectively hardens the surface of all concretes. Southern Fiber can be used in all concrete finishes. It is safe for your vehicle tyres, bare feet, children and pets.

    Southern Fiber has many advantages making it superior to existing products. Concrete placers note how easy it is to work the concrete when Southern Fiber is in it even when going up hill. It also lies flat on the surface of ordinary concrete and is unseen even in highly polished concrete surfaces, and on acid wash finishes where the surface is roughened for grip.

    The home owner, engineer and architect will be impressed with the advantages it gives, which up till now were not easily available at an affordable price.

    Southern Fiber is RESPECTED and TRUSTED and the natural partner for concrete. It can be ordered from most concrete plants or bought direct, or ask your concrete placer / contractor to order with the concrete from the readymix plant.

    Get a brochure:

    Residential Industrial Building Code Bulletin

    Send your request for one of these brochures and you find a description of the fibres purpose, suitable uses, guidelines for use including designs, and much more.


    Getting More Technical


    What is it?

    Southern Fiber is a natural cellulose polymer fibre made from 100% renewable resources. It is used to cure, condition and reinforce new concrete. Southern Fiber is used in reinforced structural or plain (no steel) concrete to produce a noticeably better concrete than without the fibre. It remains unseen even in polished and exposed stone concrete.


    How does it work?

    Due to the fibres high tensile capacity and early age adhesion to concrete they effectively reinforce green and new concretes. Usually reinforcing steels hold concrete together but they act a long time after the cracks form. Southern Fiber does the work before the steel and that is why it is so important. The fibres are hydrophilic, absorbing water and then releasing this stored moisture throughout the whole depth. They internally cure the concrete thereby reducing the importance of curing membranes or constant watering. Southern Fiber also increases impact and abrasion resistance and effectively hardens the surface of all concretes.