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Laser Projection For Precast Plants

Laser Projection For Precast Plants or other factories

  • Used in a wide range of applications in any kind of industry for the alignment and positioning of work pieces.
  • Improves the positioning of the formwork or built-in parts such as anchors, The Dunlop Reocable, and windows.
  • Projection of any kind of figures such as contours, cut outs, gaps and much more.
  • Choice of colour for optimal visibility.
  • Quality control is improved and made easier.
  • Saving time and materials through an optimised operating process.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Precise high speed scanner projects a stable image.
  • Online movement and adjustment of the projector.
  • Positioning jigs or tape measures are no longer needed.
  • Can be used for any factory even timber and steel working factories.


Dimension 800 x 300 x180 mm
Weight 21.9 kg
Laser wave length 630 640 nm (red) or 532 nm (green)
Laser class 2M
Aperture angle 80 x 80
Axle resolution 16 bit
Accuracy 0.6 mm per m mounting height
Range of temperature 0- 40 C
Input voltage 115/ 230 VAC +/-15%, 50-60 Hz
Power input 150 W
Safety class 1 (protective ground)
System of protection 1p54
Fuses 2 x T 2.50 A
Interface Ethernet or Rs232
Protokoll NetBIOS via IPX or CTS
Graphic format without LPM HPGL Subset