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Precast concrete magnets are a useful and a high tech method of fixing formwork to the casting bed. They are made from rare earth materials, which give higher pull off strengths than other magnet materials. The magnets are designed so that the magnetic portion is layered with steel to spread the magnetic flux and thereby increase the contact area. Housings then surround the magnet to protect against damage, or the steel may be used to bolt a housing to the magnet. Care should be taken when using the magnet to ensure the base is clean and free from debris. This debris causes a loss of strength due to a large air gap forming between the magnet and the bed.

There are many magnet types available.


  • 900kg adhesive force.
  • Push button down to attach. Lever button up to release.
  • Multipurpose pressure plates available.
  • Easy and precise positioning of the magnet.
  • Long life expectancy.


  • A quality magnet system.
  • Lower maintenance.
  • Stronger adhesive force.
  • Magfly 1600 is a popular choice.
  • The magnet is made ready for positioning by the integrated Magfly feet technology which raises the magnet off the casting bed.
  • Easy and precise positioning of the magnet.
  • Setting of the magnet is by hand pressure.
  • Longer life expectancy.
  • MagFly is easily removed. Lift the handle and the magnet springs off the casting bed
  • Excellent range of accessories for any formwork arrangement
Code Adhesive force (kg) Weight (kg) Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm)
Magfly 1000 1000 5,5 60 230 50
Magfly 1600 1600 7,5 85 230 50
Magfly 2000 2000 9,5 110 230 50


PL/E- Magnetic Fixing System

  • Square finish
  • Less weight makes it easier to use.
  • Ideal to fix and hold corner formwork.
  • The easy handling allows for a fast and efficient work methodology.
  • Easy fastening of proprietary formwork or wooden boards.
  • The PL/E is released through its eccentric handle system.
Type PL/E- Magnetic Fixing System
Type PL/E- Magnetic Fixing System
Adhesive strength (kg) Weight (kg) Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm)
400 2.1 160 180 90
650 2.2 160 180 90
850 2.3 160 180 90


Fixing of Threaded Inserts & TCM

  • High magnetic strength.
  • Easy removal from the concrete using the conical construction.
  • Flexibility through the exchangeable threaded or push on plugs.
Code Adhesive force (kg) Plug thread size Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Drill size (mm)
GB -100 100 M10 - M36 62 21 15


Fixing of Swift Lifting Anchors

  • Simple fixing of circular lifting anchors.
  • Threaded for fixing to side formwork.
  • Greater life from steel magnet.
Fixing of Lifting Inserts
Code Adhesive force (kg) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Lifting Anchor Size
KU 160 66, 74, 104 30.8, 32.8, 50.0 1.3t, 2.5t, 5.0t



" Curved formwork is easy with FlexiForm."
  • Quick, Flexible and Reusable.
  • Light weight through using multiple component assembly.
  • Easy handling, with spring-offset-system.
  • Radius's from 350mm upwards.
  • Little bleeding of concrete.
  • Solid positioning system.
  • Hardwearing.
  • Very accurate and true to dimensions.